100% construction made of aluminum

Terrace roofing

Elegant form -
hidden fixings

Weather sensors -
the roof closes
when he senses

A wide range
of colors lamellas
and structures

Hdden drive,
silent roof opening

Opening roof
range - 0-1350

Integrated ZIP blinds

Remote control

LED lighting - various options

Various panel configurations
- full wall construction

Our pergola has been designed to allow you to feel comfortable rest in the open air regardless of weather conditions.

During rain, children get bored.

Not necessarily…

The weather in our climate can be very unpredictable. Frequent storms and heavy rain can persist for many days, and during the fall and winter seasons, even for weeks, making the terrace unusable. However, thanks to our aluminum pergola P7400 with adjustable blades, rain sensors, and an integrated water drainage system, we can effectively extend the use of the terrace for many days, and even weeks. The rain sensor detects water droplets, causing the blades to close even when we are not present, making the roof watertight. During the rain, you can still read a book on the terrace or play with your child, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Rainwater will be drained from the surface of the blades in an invisible manner, through a system of gutters hidden within the structure of the pergola and its pillars.

Is it winter so it has to be cold?

Not at all….

Thanks to infrared heaters, you can extend your meeting with friends until the early hours of the morning, without worrying about the night cold, and comfortably enjoy the snowy landscape while lying on a cozy couch during the winter. Infrared heaters combine aesthetics with functionality. They are a reliable and high-performance, as well as energy-efficient heating system, providing even distribution of heat on the terrace. They enable comfortable and cozy use of the pergola throughout the year.

It gets dark in the evening?

Not in our pergolas.

LED lighting allows for comfortable use of the space under the pergola after sunset. Practical considerations are not the only advantage of this type of lighting. Depending on the lighting options chosen, you can create a unique, intimate atmosphere. Depending on your needs and mood, you can adjust the lighting colors to warm or cool white. When you want a cozy, intimate atmosphere, you can choose colorful RGB lighting. You can also adjust the intensity of the lighting, dimming or brightening it.

Depending on the installed LED lights, you can adjust the lighting of the terrace to your own needs. Illuminated pergolas can be controlled remotely, so they can be changed at any time.

Snow resistance

Our louvered pergolas have a snow load capacity of 120-200 kg/m².

It should be noted that the weight of snow depends on the temperature. Loose snow weighs less than ice. During a thaw following snowfall, rising temperatures cause the snow to melt, while falling temperatures turn it into ice layers, which can be dangerous for the pergola’s structure. The amount of snow on the roof should be regularly checked, not only for pergolas, but also for buildings, as well as in shaded and wind-protected areas where thick layers of snow can accumulate.

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We are looking for

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